After many years of planning and building, the Piovarchy family has realized their dream of   

Our commitment to excellence in the breeding and raising of our foals has made the program the best it can be, while continually evolving. Although we have certainly not accomplished everything we want to, we are proud of our continued success. 

We began our horse business in 1997 when started out breeding a few high quality mares to outside stallions as well as our own top grade stallion.

We have since grown substantially! We have always been able to offer our clients high quality foals, only now we do it on a larger scale. We truly believe in the Miniature Horse breed, and strive to offer top notch foals each year. 

You are cordially invited to visit the farm in rural Medina County, OH, in a small town called Valley City. Please call ahead to ensure that someone is available to show you around! You can reach
 Meredith Piovarchy (farm manager) at 330.421.1683 or e mail us at

A view from the road of the main house and barn.
The swan house on the island in the main pond
The cottage
Some mares and foals in the large pasture
The chicken coop
The main barn